Frequently asked questions.


How do we arrange a funeral at Chesham Bois Burial Ground?

We will work closely with your Funeral Director. We welcome visits to the Burial Ground where our Burial Ground Custodian can guide you around the various different burial areas and facilities if you wish and let the you know what to expect on the day of the funeral. We will confirm these details in writing with your Funeral Director, along with a confirmed date and time.

How much choice can you offer us?

We are flexible in the types of burial we can offer, so that you can choose what is right for you and your loved one. We offer both full burial and ashes plots.

Can I purchase a burial plot in advance?

We have recently reviewed our working practices and plots are no longer available to purchase in advance.

Do I have to be a Chesham Bois Resident?

No. We welcome and encourage you to choose Chesham Bois Burial Ground whether or not you live locally. Whilst we offer reduced rates for those who live within the Parish of Chesham Bois, we believe that we offer competitive rates for all. The Clerk, or your Funeral Director, can take you through the particular costs of the options that you choose. Further information is available on our website.

What payment options are there?

Full payment for plots and interments must be received prior to burial taking place. If you are paying us directly, you can pay by cheque or a bank transfer. Your Funeral Director may also offer other payment methods and plans.

How long is the plot lease period?

Chesham Bois Burial Ground plots are purchased for a period of 99 years. The Exclusive Rights of Burial is a deed of grant issued to the purchaser of the plot. This deed entitles the holder to determine who is buried in the plot and apply for a Memorial Permit. If the ownership of a deed has changed, proof will need to be provided to the Council before any interment can take place.

What happens at the end of the plot lease period of 99 years?

At the end of the 99-year period of the Exclusive Rights of Burial, the owners shall have the choice of renewing that right subject to the rules and regulations in force at that time.

What sort of service can we have?

The Burial Ground is not attached to any particular church or religion. If you want a service, our chapel has seating for up to 50 people. The chapel is available for hire to support burials of any denomination, any faith or none. We have both consecrated and un-consecrated areas which means we can cater for a religious or secular burial.

Do you stipulate what style of coffin I can choose?

We encourage your personal choice of coffin. As well as traditional wooden coffins, other materials such as cardboard or willow are acceptable throughout the Burial Ground. In line with our natural burial philosophy, only eco-friendly materials are permitted for interments in the Woodland Burial Ground. Your Funeral Director can provide more advice.

When can we visit the burial ground?

We welcome relatives and visitors during daylight hours, when the pedestrian gates are open. A small parking area is available just outside the Burial Ground gates.

The main vehicle gates are normally kept locked, except on Sundays and during funeral services when cars are permitted into the inner parking area. Please contact the Clerk to arrange vehicle access to the top of the Burial Ground.

Visitors are responsible for their own safety in the Burial Ground. Dogs are welcome and should be kept on a lead at all times, both in the Formal and Woodland burial areas.

Formal Burials

Can people be buried together?

Full burial plots can accommodate 2 formal burials and 3 caskets of ashes. It is also possible to reserve family plots which are double width as well as double depth and could include up to 6 caskets. We also offer smaller plots for ashes interment.

Can I plant anything on a formal grave?

Planting on graves is allowed if it is appropriate and in keeping with the area. However, be aware that plants with the potential to grow into large shrubs will be removed by the Council as these can affect the foundations of memorials nearby. No trees are permitted.

Are there rules about the style of memorial I can have on the grave?

Memorials can only be erected in the formal burial areas. We understand the need to have a lasting and personal memorial to your loved one and we offer flexibility about the style, inscription and material used. They can be installed after obtaining permission from the Council in line with the requirements set out on our website. They should be maintained to a safe standard and are the sole responsibility of the registered owner of the burial plot, who should be in possession of a valid Memorial Permit from the Council which is renewable on a 5-year basis.

Woodland Burials

What size are the woodland burial plots?

Burial plots in the Woodland Burial Ground are single depth and can accommodate an additional 3 ashes caskets. Half plots are also available for ashes caskets.  These plots are for existing reservations only.

How are woodland burial graves marked?

To retain the natural setting of Chesham Bois Burial Ground, woodland burial graves are unmarked resting places. We place a numbered metal disc with the coffin or casket and carefully record the position using GPS mapping to ensure that there is a permanent record of each person who is buried with us and their location.

We recognise that sometimes families wish to mark the burial plot in a manner which is in keeping with the woodland burial ethos. We allow native plants that keep the area as natural as possible. We ask that families abide by the guidelines set out on our website.

Can I have a memorial for a woodland burial grave?

A wildlife box for birds, bats or insects, can be sponsored in a loved one’s memory, and we also accept the donation of memorial benches. A memorial plaque may be fixed to the wall of the Garden of Remembrance.

How will Chesham Bois Burial Ground take care of the woodland?

Chesham Bois Burial Ground is a special place. To retain its unique charm and character, we have a grounds maintenance team who tend the woodland burial ground all year round.