Chesham Bois Parish Council (CBPC) is a statutory body, set up to serve the residents of the Parish. Like other Parish Councils (or Town Councils if they serve an urban area) it is the lowest tier of Local Government, sitting below but independent of District, County and Unitary Councils. The ‘Parish’ in the title refers to the civil parish; we have no formal links to the Church.

Services provided by the Parish Council.

  • Ownership and management of Chesham Bois Common, Chesham Bois Burial Grounds, Tenterden Spinney, a small woodland opposite the burial grounds and a piece of land in The Grove.
  • Managing and maintaining the burial grounds within Chesham Bois.
  • Maintenance of highway verges around the Parish on behalf of Buckinghamshire Council.
  • Ownership and maintenance of streetlighting on minor roads.
  • Reviewing and commenting on planning applications within the Parish.