Photo of the Formal Burial Ground mid way up the hill toward the Chapel.

Special ways to remember your loved one.

We know how treasured and unique the deceased was to you in their lifetime and how you want to recognise that in their memorial and resting place. We believe Chesham Bois Burial Ground is an authentic, beautiful and natural site that does just that. By looking after the environment and preserving the Burial Ground for future generations to enjoy, Chesham Bois Parish Council ensures that the natural beauty of these surroundings offers a fitting memorial.

A place for memories and reflection.

Personalised memorials to mark a loved one’s grave or ashes plot are allowed within the formal burial grounds. We are not prescriptive about style and encourage your personal touch.

Once a memorial has been installed the plot owner will be issued with a Memorial Permit, valid for 5 years, confirming that the Council has approved the installation. The Memorial Permit is renewed every 5 years upon receipt of the renewal fee. It is the responsibility of the plot owner to maintain the memorial to a standard deemed acceptable by the Council. Memorials are checked regularly for stability; if found to be unstable the Council will attempt to contact the plot owner but reserve the right to take remedial action.

Garden of Remembrance.

Photo of the shady arbour in Chesham Bois Burial GroundThe Garden of Remembrance is at the bottom of the Original Formal Burial Ground opposite the Chapel and is a place to sit and contemplate. It is also home to memorial plaques on the wall of remembrance which can be provided as an alternative way to remember your loved one.


Memorial benches, with or without an inscription, can be donated to Chesham Bois Burial Ground in memory of loved ones. The precise location of the bench, memorial inscription and method of installation must be approved by the Parish Council. The bench will subsequently be maintained by the Parish Council who reserve the right to remove any bench which becomes unsafe.