Waste Service UPDATE

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

RECYCLING (mixed and paper & card): Kerbside recycling collections Service reinstated from Monday 30th March 2020

Advice for residents: Present your recycling on your next scheduled collection day. A reasonable amount of extra recycling will be collected if presented loose in a reusable container (or cardboard box) on your next scheduled collection.

FOOD WASTE: The food recycling service is temporarily suspended.

Advice for residents: Food waste should be put into your general rubbish bin, which will be collected on your usual general rubbish collection day.

To help reduce waste put in the general rubbish bin, ​you can home compost: fruit and vegetable peelings, seeds and cores; egg shells; tea bags; coffee grounds and filter paper; paper towels or tissues (not if they have touched meat). You cannot compost: cooked food, fish, meat or dairy products (these must be put in your general rubbish bin).

GARDEN WASTE: The garden waste service has suspended.

Advice for residents: Garden waste materials are not hazardous if left for longer than two weeks and can be home-composted. Store this waste until the service resumes. Due to current social distancing measures, the Household Recycling Centres in Buckinghamshire are closed. Do not visit these sites to dispose of your garden waste.

GENERAL RUBBISH: The general rubbish service continues as business as usual. There are no current planned changes to collection frequencies or days.

Advice for residents: To support our crews, we kindly ask that residents use the food recycling service. There are no current planned changes to collection frequencies or days.

HOUSEHOLD RECYCLING CENTRES: All Household Recycling Centres across Buckinghamshire are closed until further notice – for more information see the ‘Coronavirus disruptions’ page