Common & Woodland

Bricky Pond Chesham Bois 100 years agoChesham Bois’ Common and woodland are essential to our community. They are a significant area of amenity, as well as contributing to the character of the village and its history.

Ensuring that these areas remain attractive and safe for everyone’s enjoyment requires continual management. This is especially so, where trees are approaching the end of their natural lifespan, which is the case in significant areas of our woodland.

Councillor Clive Thomas chairs our Common and Woodland Working Group. He has developed the following plan for future management of our common and woodlands.

Management Plan for Chesham Bois Common and Woodlands:

  • Working with The Forestry Commission and The Chilterns Conservation Board, which enables a Countryside Stewardship Grant and 10-year felling licence
  • Collaboration with John Morris of the Chilterns Woodland Project to produce a rolling 10-year plan of actively managing the woodlands
  • Aim to increase diversity of the woodland in terms of structure, age and species whilst protecting wildlife and the Common’s aesthetic appeal
  • To improve the public amenity of the woodlands for recreation, for example, by putting wood chippings on muddy paths
  • To ensure safety of the public by felling dangerous trees
  • Maintain wild areas to allow natural processes of succession and a refuge for wildlife
  • To control invasive species such as laurel and holly
  • To manage Bois Wood as an area of Ancient Woodland
  • To inform and consult users and residents as much as possible

Recent Improvements to Common and Woodlands

Bricky Pond: weed clearance; thinning marginal plants; banks repaired; stop grass encroaching

clearance work on Bricky Pond Cheshamm BoisBricky Pond clearance work, Chesham Bois

Tenterden Spinney: new fence at Bois Lane end, holly and laurel clearance with The Chiltern Society

Tenterden Spinney, Chesham Bois - improvements

The Common: tree safety – 22 trees felled; laurel clearance with Chiltern Society; holly clearance near The Meadow

path clearance, chesham bois parish council