Your Parish Council

Town/Parish Councils make up the first tier of local government in England and are the layer of local government closest to the communities they represent.  As a tier of local government they are elected bodies with discretionary powers and rights laid down by Parliament to represent their communities and provide services for them.

Chesham Bois Parish Council (CBPC) has 11 Councillors who have been elected by the local community.  Parish Councillors are people who live or work in the parish and give their time voluntarily, without payment.

Services Provided by the Parish Council

  • Ownership and management of Chesham Bois Common, Chesham Bois Burial Grounds, Tenterden Spinney, a small woodland opposite the burial grounds and a piece of land in The Grove.
  • Managing and maintaining the three burial grounds (2 formal and 1 woodland) within Chesham Bois.
  • Maintenance of highway verges around the Parish on behalf of Bucks County Council.
  • Ownership and maintenance of streetlighting on minor roads.
  • Reviewing and commenting on planning applications within the Parish.

The Parish have agreed an Action Plan for the 2020/2021 financial year. This Action Plan is drawn from the annual budget which includes project expenditure for the forthcoming year; from matters raised by members of the public and from matters identified within Council meetings.

Regulations Governing the Parish Council

The conduct of the Parish Council’s business is governed by our Standing Orders. Download a copy of our Standing Orders.   These cover the conduct, timings and documentation of meetings; the engagement and employment of the Parish Clerk; and the financial management of the Parish Council (also covered by CBPC’s Financial Regulations Updated Oct 2019.

All Members are obliged to comply with Chesham Bois Parish Council’s Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct  can be viewed here.

Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25th May 2018.  The GDPR is supplemented  by the Data Protection Act 2018 replacing the earlier 1998 Act.  GDPR provides a higher standard of privacy to individuals and affects the way in which we can contact you and manage your personal data.   Please click below to view our Privacy Notice.

Data Protection Privacy Notice May 18

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act give you the right to ask any public sector organisation for all the recorded information they have on any subject.  Anyone can make a request for information – there are no restrictions on your age, nationality or where you live.  You can contact the Parish Council directly by letter or email to make the freedom of information (FOI) request.  When making your request, you should include:

  • Your name
  • An address where you can be contacted
  • A detailed description of the recorded information you want

Most requests are free but you may be asked to pay a small amount for photocopies or postage if paper copies are requested.   Please click on the link below for further information.

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme Updated Sept 18

Making a Complaint

Chesham Bois Parish Council recognises that from time to time there will be concerns expressed by members of the public over the activities of the Council, one of its councillors or employees.  Our Complaints Procedure sets out how you may make a complaint and how the Council will try to resolve your complaint.

CBPC Complaints Procedure