Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

A large, mature ash tree on Chesham Bois Common was damaged during recent high winds. We arranged for the tree to be examined by an arboriculturalist, who identified significant rot. The examination also identified a bee hive about 20 feet up, in a hollow in the trunk. So, as the tree was being slowly felled on Monday, a beekeeper was called in to entice the bees from the tree into a new home. David from Chalfonts Beekeepers Society, bravely put his hand into the centre of the hive and removed a chunk of the honeycomb containing the queen bee. This, then, attracts the workers and the drones to follow the queen’s pheromones into the beekeepers’ box. The photos clearly show the tree was rotting from the inside, making it vulnerable and potentially hazardous in high winds.

Monday 15th May 2017 at 8.00pm in the Parish Centre, Glebe Way HP6 5ND

This meeting is an opportunity for all electors of the Parish of Chesham Bois to ask questions of the Council and raise any issues relating to the Parish.

There will be a report from the Chairman on the activities of the Parish Council and a talk by John Morris, Director of the Chiltern Woodland Project on “A Long Term Management Plan for Chesham Bois Woods and Commons”.

Refreshments will be served after the presentations. For more information  click here



Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN under Section 87(2) of the Local Government Act, 1972 that a casual vacancy exists in the office of a councillor for Chesham Bois Parish Council.

A by-election to fill the vacancy will be held if within 14 days** from the date below ten electors for the parish  give notice in writing to the Returning Officer calling for an election to be held to fill the vacancy.

The address of the Returning Officer is:  The Returning Officer, Chiltern District Council, King George V House, King George V Road, Amersham  HP6 5AW

If no such notice is given, the Town/Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option, in which case any elector in the Parish interested in the vacancy should notify the Parish Clerk, at the address shown below, of their willingness to be considered.


Dated             12th April 2017             Signed:   Samantha Payne  (Parish Clerk)

Chesham Bois Parish Council, Council Office, Glebe Way, Chesham Bois HP6 5ND

**   in computing any period of time for this purpose, a Saturday, Sunday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Good Friday or a Bank Holiday, or a day appointed for public thanksgiving or mourning shall be disregarded.